We are all PicoLash!

Picolash has been at the leading edge of providing highly effective and completely safe eyelash growth serum production. Our Company which has cherished the values of sincerity, Excellence and appreciation has built a unique and exclusive manufacturing site in the US. We have been able to spread our goals to serve various international markets. Based on the clinical studies and the affirmation of our product from experts, we have continued to build on our success to reach the peak. Each of our products is refined to create the greatest efficacy in our very broad range of users.


As a leading brand in the cosmetics and beauty industry, we have revolutionized the appearance of eyelash and beauty treatments. We will continue to engage and elevate globally approved processes to ensure that we meet the high benchmarks and goals that we have set for our brand. Each of the eyelash growth serum is made from natural plant extracts so that you do not suffer any form of irritation when using our product. Our Company is standing to keep flying the flag of perfection and reliability with consistency. We will keep maintaining strong effort to fully satisfy our customers at all time. Our aim is to create a brand new world of beauty for each of our customers. PicoLash is the name you can truly trust when you need a dependable eyelash growth serum.