Frequently Asked Questions About Eyelash Enhancer, Do eyelash enhancer serums work?

Q: How long will it take to get the effect from eyelash enhancer?

A:  two months is the average, although you should see new eye lashes sprouting within a couple of days or weeks as it may differ in different people based on their skin tone and growth rate.

Q: What if eyelash enhancer does not work for me?

A:  It works for most people. If it doesn’t, see whether there is something else that is preventing eyelashes from growing. Maybe there is an underlying medical condition. Make sure you take your multivitamins, any good quality brand will do. Finally, try to take a vacation from mascara. Most mascara brands contain lots of chemical ingredients that may interfere with penetration of our serum or even block the follicle.

Q: Is it bad to get eyelash enhancer on the lid ? don’t want to grow hair there ?

A: First of all, your eyelid will NOT grow lashes, simply because those skin cells are not programmed to grow hair. If the serum goes anywhere else but the cells in charge of growing eyelashes all it is going to do is provide some nutrition to the area. Even if it gets in the eye, at most it may sting but it will not change the eye color or cause any irritation (as some prescription products do).

Q: How does the eyelash enhancer serum work?

A: Apply Pico Lash eyelash enhancer easily and directly on the lash line (upper or lower or on brows) results in active agents being absorbed through skin onto the lash follicles and will nourish your eyelashes and escalate the growth.

Q: Will my lashes stop growing without picolash eyelash enhaner?

A: The standard eyelash treatment ought to last as long as the eyelash life phase does which is 90-150 days. Effects are visible long after we stop using the eyelash serum.

Q: Is the eyelash enhancer serum for everyone?

A: Eyelash conditioners/enhancers can be used by both women and men. They are recommended to those whose lashes are short and brittle due to a disease or the lash extension treatment. Also, it is suitable for those who like to have longer, fuller, more significant and healthier eyelashes.

Q: Is eyelash enhancer Safe?

A: Picolash uses all natural ingredients and extracts, that’s why it is generally considered safe for all skin types. So while whole natural and pure components are generally considered as safe eye and skin friendly, we always recommend speaking with a medical professional or health care provider if you’re worried about any of the ingredients you see.

Q: Can you use Picolash eyelash growth serum on lower lashes?

A: Absolutely. You can easily apply the eyelash enhancer serum on both upper and lower lash lines as desired. It is also recommended to be more careful while applying the serum on your lower eyelids as It will be easier for the serum to get into your eyes. Make sure to apply a small amount and put it directly on the lash line.

Q: How long does 1 tube last using AM and PM daily?

A: One tube of Pico Lash eyelash enhancer lasts 3-4 months if applied twice daily.

Q: Can I apply mascara in the morning after I apply the eyelash enhancer serum ?

A: Once you apply the eyelash enhancer serum in the morning, wait 2-3 minutes. Make sure that the serum is absorbed into your skin. Then you can apply your makeup.

Q: Is eyelash enhancer serum safe while pregnant?

A: We recommend pregnant and breastfeeding woman as well as those who undergo chemo/radiotherapy, avoid using eyelash enhancers unless proven by their professional doctors.

Q: Does eyelash enhancer contain parabens?

A: Picolash eyelash enhancer is paraben free, gluten free and cruelty free.

Q: When do I apply my eye cream, before, after, not at all during using eyelash enhancer?

A: You can apply your eye cream, before or after applying Picolash. Avoid applying the eye cream on your eyelids immediately after or before Picolash serum, so the serum won’t get mixed up with other product.

Q: When Will I see results?

A: Some users report seeing results in as little as 7 days, while others may see results in 1.5-2 weeks. Depending on the condition of the lashes at the beginning of the consumption due to environmental or structural factors, the speed of results may vary from person to person.

Q: What if I forget to apply Picolash eyelash enhancer or if I do it twice a day?

A: If you forget to apply the enhancer, do it the following evening. However, remember that only systematic application is the key to success. If you miss more than one application, the time in which you will see the results will be longer.

Q: What happens if I stop using Picolash eyelash enhancer?

A: Once you have reached the desired and expected increased density and volume, it is recommended to use Picolash in order to maintain the result. Picolash will continue to fortify and stabilized condition of your lashes.

Q: How long does it take to ship? And how do you ship it?

A: Processing time is usually 1-2 business days. USA orders are shipped USPS First Class and take 3 to 5 business days. International Orders are also shipped via USPS first class and may take 10 to 21 business days depending on customs clearance.